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Victor Diner Mug

Thisvictor diner mug is perfect for any coffee lover. It features 4 breeds of cats - two sitting, two standing - and the name "victor" in gold script. The mug is also black ceramic and features the name "victor" in a white script. This mug is a great gift for any coffee lover!

Victor Fleetwood Diner Mug

Victor Diner Mug Target

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Top 10 Victor Diner Mug

This is a very rare vietor diner mug coffee heavy restaurant ware cream ceramicrare l. It is a great addition to your coffee shop or breakfast nook and is sure to provide some warmth and relaxation. This mug is made from heavy restaurant ware and is otherwise stockholm birch hardwood. This mug is in perfect condition and has the vietor diner name and date of birth on the sides. The mug is black nickel silver and comes with a gift card. this is a perfect little mug for taking a cup of coffee or tea to the next level. With the vintaged design and smooth color, this mug will show your dining room just how much you love the place! this victor diner mug is 2 vtg and classic heavy restaurant mug. It is perfect for any coffee lover. The mug is made from durable ware and features a great classic design. This mug is a great choice for any coffee lover. this victor diner mug is perfect for any coffee cup and mug occasion! The heavy ceramic material will last and look great for years to come. These mugs are perfect for the home or office. They are also dishwasher and oven safe.